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Let's begin by some basic question we are asked from our clients:

How do you get paid? We get paid by the travel suppliers. You pay us a planning fee ranging from $100 to $250 depending on the complexity of your trip and we do the rest.

How are you different from the search engines? If you hand your planning to a travel professional, you are free to use your valuable time doing other things with equal or more priority. Research, booking and making arrangements and making sense of the all the noise in the internet can take 10-15 hours on the average for a simple trip and much more for a multi-destination and group trip. In short, we save you time and money. With DIY search, you get DIY results, not an experience of a lifetime!

How are you different from the other travel professionals? We travel with you during your entire stay (not literally!) We are available in case you need us from the beginning to the end of your trip. We are mission driven and strive to exceed your expectations. We are a small agency which allows us flexibility to seek value with different suppliers as opposed to driving up the volume with staying with one supplier to get bonus points.

What Do you Offer in your Service? We handle all the concierge and logistics of your travel. We always negotiate rates and perks to get you the best possible value for your hard earned dollars. We are designers of travel matching you with the best option based on your wants and needs.

About M&H Distinctive Journeys:

Do you enjoy taking fun, memorable and purpose-driven vacations? At MHDJourneys, our team of experts are masters at crafting group journeys focused on (not limited to) Wine Tourism, African Safaris, expeditions and immersive travel.

If you enjoy handing over your travel planning needs to a mission driven agency devoted to finding the perfect match and the best value for your vacation, then you have come to the right place. With us, you are not burdened by doing a ton of online and offline research and the logistics of putting a large group together for your trip.

We handle groups of all sizes for multigenerational family travel, wine tourism, bike journeys, golf journeys, destination weddings, villa vacations, retreats, corporate incentive travel or just about any other group journeys by finding the best location and itinerary based on your interests and/or destination.

We team up with travel industry affiliates who have been in the industry for over fifty years to carefully select hotels, villas and cruises to match your needs including value added amenities, upgrades and other special VIP touches that you won't find in the booking engines. We go the extra mile to find great places to eat, book activities, etc. at your request.

If you are dreaming of taking your entire group to experience a once in a lifetime Wine Journey, African Safari, River Cruise, culinary and beer travel or small ship cruise, we are here o take the hassle out of planning your trip. Please contact us at contact@mhdjourneys.com or call at (818) 653-2422.

We proudly donate a percentage of our proceeds to Wildlife Conservation Network.

Contact us today! we would love to hear from you!

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